Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's been going on since I blogged last.

I haven't blogged in forever so the next few post's are catch up so I can look back and remember what we were up to.

I love this picture from last summer. Lacey is a total daddy's girl. Which I love because Brock was not and stayed glued to me as a baby.
Brock won coolest car at the pinewood derby.

Brock turned 8!

Brock's baptism.

Lacey turned 1 last June!
She loved her cake.


Devin and Monica Blakey said...

What's wrong? Are you sick? Well its good to see you blogging again!! Love the pics and miss you guys!

Britney Blakey said...

I love the picture of cute is she! Keep blogging I love to hear about your fam.

Julie said...

I'm also glad to see you are blogging again. Fun pictures! I especially love the one where Justin is a Scout Master-Nerd. I shouldn't talk, because I'm about to get me one of those shirts, too, and girls look REALLY dorky in them. Hahaha! GO SCOUTS!